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The first few weeks of January mark the end of a lengthy holiday season in the United States. After nearly two months, it isn’t surprising most people are mentally exhausted from the festivities.

Of course, 2020 was a different beast than usual causing most families to gather digitally. I don’t know about you, but even a Zoom call can drag on the mind after just an hour of talking with the in-laws.

It’s logical that, during this ‘quarantine holiday season’ that one of the biggest sellers for the year turned out to be gift cards.

The Wall Street Journal even noted that gift card sales jumped 48% the weekend before Christmas during an already booming gift card year.

It makes sense, really. Most people were likely to opt for a gift card instead of ordering a physical present for their loved ones this year.

Sure, they could send them something directly, but it was clear that prepaid visa gift cards were popular this year.

Gift cards are fine, but the problem with prepaid cards is that there’s no way to use the funds for anything other than shopping. At least until Prepaid2Cash sprang up in 2016, that is.

What Is Prepaid2Cash?

Peter Vogt and John Gushman started Prepaid2Cash out of Birmingham, Alabama. They recognized that one of the most painful parts about having prepaid gift cards was that they couldn’t be turned into cash.

You could save it, forever keeping the gift card balance at some acceptable level, but there’s no practicality in that.  You either use it or lose it.

Prepaid2Cash takes the frustration out of having any of these and allows you to convert your Visa gift card to cash.

Finally, there’s a quick, easy way to transfer unused card balances to your bank account, Paypal account, virtually anywhere you ultimately want it to go.

Where Can I Find Prepaid2Cash?

This company has both an app that is available on the iOS App Store/Google Play Store and a website. All transactions take place on the app – the website’s main page has a link to both the App Store and Google Play.

The website is a great resource to learn how the entire process works, what some of the most frequently asked questions are and provides a tab for Developers as well.

Finally, there is also a blog that has limitless amounts of financial tips, tricks, and general information on anything about P2C. If you’ve got any questions about their business model or other dealings, their blog is the best place to get some answers.

Can You Trust Prepaid2Cash?

For many of you reading, this may be one of the most important questions surrounding this service.

The short and easy answer: yes, absolutely you can. “Well that’s great,” you think to yourself, “This guy writing the article ABOUT this company says the service/company is trustworthy and efficient. That’s all I needed to hear!”

A part of me wants to wave you off and thank you for taking my word for it so willingly. I won’t leave you high and dry though; the reviews for this app paint a pretty clear picture about how and why you really could blindly trust me.

To give you an idea of what people are saying, here’s a 4-star review from iOS App Store user Scintilia:

“Didn’t expect it to work or go through: This is my new way of getting rid of gift cards I don’t need. I’ll keep you all updated on if it works for me or no.


It did come when it said it would, it does definitely work like it says. I’d say the only thing that I don’t particularly like is that I didn’t get as much as I’d like for it but that’s not their fault, it’s the market for gift cards. Honestly, this is a great alternative to get money for the available gift cards and prepaid cards to choose from. Just keep in mind that you will only get as much as it’s currently worth/offered. Besides that, lovely app and good timing.”

This review does not start off with flattery and I think that’s why I personally resonated with it the most. Not for the sentiment necessarily, but because of the surprisingly pleasant experience they had.

This user didn’t expect it to work because a service like this honestly seems too good to be true. For once in our lifetimes, that actually isn’t the case.

Prepaid2Cash operates exactly as described and doesn’t try to trick you out of any extra money.

What I also appreciate about this review is that this user understands the reasoning behind the fees. They are an incredibly small, and honestly generous, price to pay to technically get free money from these prepaid credit cards.

It’s a necessity so that Prepaid2Cash can continue to work with banks and merchants to keep the process as smooth as possible. There’s even room to expand to other retailers in the future, per their blog.

The last aspect you might notice in their review section is that a high proportion of their reviewers, especially the spare few who were unhappy, received a direct developer response.

This may seem like a small aspect that wouldn’t change your mind much, but I can assure you that might just make the difference. Knowing that the developers care about their users is a sure sign that there will be continuous support in the future.

They didn’t just make the app, get a quick buck, and leave it in the hands of others to find ventures elsewhere. They’re here to stay, listen, and help in any way they can.

You can take a look at the great number of reviews for yourself and make your own decision. I’m certain that the positivity and response rate around the app is sure to have you downloading it in no time.

How Does Prepaid2Cash Work?

This is the big question, what most of you are probably here for. Using Prepaid2Cash is as easy as using any online banking platform, if not even easier, but there are a few things to know.

After downloading the app, tapping the New Transaction button brings you to a card scanner. This should take less than 30 seconds to complete.

After this step, you’ll be able to select how fast you’d like your deposit: Instant or Next Day.

Next-Day transactions will come at the cost of only a $1.50 delivery fee, whereas Instant transactions will cost the $1.50 plus a 15% processing fee. Additionally, Next Day transactions must be completed before 7 P.M. Central time to arrive the next day.

Aside from those steps, that’s it! Just remember to keep an eye on your account to confirm everything worked correctly.

Prepaid2Cash created an excellent app with expertly planned execution. It’s easy to download, use, and transfer that sweet gift card money into cash or to your debit cards or whatever you want.

Use that money at grocery stores, for rent, save it, you know the limitless ways to use money in our society. There are other (less efficient, mind you) apps out there for this service, but none of them compare to Prepaid2Cash.

Because of their generous rates, accountability, and quick communication, Prepaid2Cash is the best app and company to trust when converting your Visa gift card to cash.

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