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I’m excited to announce the first of many giveaways at The Income Finder. There’s nothing like a good bribe to get potential readers! A chance to win a free $100 Amazon Gift Card can’t hurt!

I know I love the chance to get free dough!

The Prize is a $100 eGift Card to Amazon.com.

Just about everyone shops there and the eGift Card can be easily sent via email, so it’s a nice choice!

If you ever want to feel depressed there’s a way to pull a report that shows your total annual spend at Amazon. This is a finance blog so I’m obligated to share.

About The Income Finder

This is a newer blog dedicated to financial freedom. It’s my way to share 15 years of financial experience with you, my loyal readers. I have a bachelor’s in finance and an MBA from DePaul.

I mention so you know I’m not a foresight major that works in astrology (I am an astronomy fan, however). If you’re really bored feel free to read my tremendously mundane life story here.

At The Income Finder, you’ll read about financial basics like emergency funds and tips to save money.

You can have a laugh by reading my monthly net worth reports.

I’ll also talk about my first-hand experiences working with high net worth clients. This was a recent article describing 5 of the most common ways my clients became millionaires.

I also plan to sprinkle in some more complex topics such as bridge financing, 1031 exchanges, and economic updates.

Future Monthly Giveaways – Blog Treasure Hunt

I will be hosting a giveaway every month for the foreseeable future. Yes, this is me on my hands and knees begging you to come back. I promise you will most likely find at least some of the content informative. At the very least it should be entertaining.

The plan is to make future giveaways a Blog Treasure Hunt. I’ll hide a link to the giveaway in an article. I’ll most likely confirm which article it is in each month as there will be around 4 (one a week).

“But won’t that decrease the giveaways effectiveness?”


I don’t care at this point because it sounds fun.

I hope you stop by often to stay entertained and financially well informed. As you leave today, think of the song “Remember Me” from the Disney movie Coco. Without further ado, on to the contest and your chance to win a free Amazon Gift Card!

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