Welcome to The Income Finder! This is a place for me to unwind and share all that I’ve learned when it comes to personal finance. The posts will cover anything from core financial questions to more complex and “good to know” strategies.

My name is Paul and I live in the suburbs of Chicago. I have a great wife and precious (most of the time) 2-year-old daughter. I’m in my mid 30’s and have my bachelor’s in Finance from Benedictine University and my MBA from DePaul.

For the last 15 years, I’ve been in banking. My career began as a personal banker, then to a small business banker, and then moved into wealth banking. I love spreadsheets and numbers if you couldn’t already figure that out. I most enjoy the creativity involved in personal finances. Whether it’s planning for an expense, figuring out financing, or preparing for retirement I love it. Even better if I can create a spreadsheet that helps visualize the solution. Trust me, I know what you’re thinking…how did he find a woman? Well, I did so that should be an inspiration for many readers.

I always knew I’d end up in the finance world in some fashion. As early as grade school, my notebooks were full of scribbled numbers figuring out how I could make money and how much I could make. I wanted to work as early as possible and got my first job at 15 years old…working at McDonald’s. It was a job and certainly helped me learn responsibility.

There were other part-time jobs after McDonald’s (Chuck E Cheese, Ace Hardware) but the most important was Nordstrom’s. I started as a salesperson in women’s shoes. Surprisingly, I knew nothing about fashion or women’s shoes but I learned fast. At the time, it was a rather large increase in pay for me, at least most of the time. The pay was 100% commission based, so I learned hard work. Eventually, I was promoted to 2nd assistant manager, then 1st. Nordstrom’s not only taught me hard work but responsibility and customer service. None of this is important and if you’re still reading, bless your heart.

My next job was at Chase bank. I was 20 years old and had limited knowledge of finances. That didn’t matter, I knew I had found my home (the finance world).

At 21 years old I bought my first place, a condo. I was so proud and if it weren’t for the 2008 financial crisis, it might have been a good investment. That’s ok, I still own that condo and my grandfather currently resides there.

Since Chase, I’ve worked at 3 banks in total, still at the third. My title is Vice President and my role is Wealth Relationship Manager. I work with high net worth clients and assist with all their financial needs. The most enjoyable part of the job for me is customizing loans. These loans are typically sized from $250,000 up to tens of millions of dollars. They are customized to each request to satisfy both a client’s needs and the bank’s risk profile. I love the creativity needed to tailor these loans in a way that makes all parties happy.

That’s about it. Average guy, above-average wife, great family, mostly lovely daughter and I enjoy making spreadsheets if I forgot to mention.

Additional Facts

  • I met my wife at the second bank I worked at
  • I have lived within a 5-mile radius my entire life
  • Astronomy is a passion of mine (below is a picture from my backyard)
  • In true banker fashion, I enjoy golfing but can’t say I’m great at it
  • I’m a middle child

Why I Started This Blog

Help Others – I hope to share my knowledge with others on their path to better their financial situation. My dream is for this site to become very interactive and a place for readers to consult on their situations.

Inspire – My plan is to share certain aspects of my finances and share stories of others (confidentially of course) in hopes it relates and inspire my readers. Selfishly, I also want this to ensure I stay committed to my own budget and goals.

Freedom – Writing about finances and creating spreadsheets is what I love to do. If that could be my full-time job I’d be one happy man.