All Cash Diet

The All Cash Diet: 3 Easy Steps To Reduce Your Spending

Table of Contents How much did you spend on groceries in the past week?  Or how about at restaurants?  If you can’t answer that question, I’d guess that you typically pay for purchases using a debit or credit card.  Credit cards make spending money on the things we want and need extremely convenient.  They also tend to promote higher spending for most people.  That’s why a cash diet can be an incredible way to help you stick to your budget and save money.  What Is a Cash Diet? A cash diet is a low card, high cash diet that involves almost completely eliminating your credit and debit cards.  This reduction in cards puts your wallet into an enhanced state of

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How to Get Cash From a Visa Gift Card: 10 Tested Options

Table of Contents Wondering about how to get cash from a Visa Gift Card?  Looking to add those funds to your emergency fund instead of splurging on something you don’t need? Well, ponder no more as I’ve found several options to cash in your Visa Gift Cards.  Visa Gift Cards are

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How Much is 6 Figures? Explanation, Jobs, and Examples

Table of Contents Growing up, there were always two numbers that people seemed to be talking about.  Saving one million dollars and earning a 6-figure salary.  Like me early on, you may be asking how much is 6 figures?  It’s a very common question, so if you don’t know what

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Scrap Yard Near Me: How To Sell Your Scrap Metal For Money

Table of Contents If you’re looking for “a scrap yard near me”, you probably have some scrap metal lying around.   Did you know that the scrap yard will not only take your metal scraps but will actually pay you money for it?  Some of the most common metals purchased are

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Student Loans Suck So I Paid Mine Off In 12 Months

We all know how important it is to have a college degree these days. It’s also a well-known fact that student loans suck! Right after that incredible graduation day, you come to the realization that you have a towering mound of student loan debt. Did you know that the average

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net worth

What Is My Net Worth? – August 2020

Best August for S&P 500 returns in 34 years! 6.5% gain in my retirement account in 1 month which my net worth loved! The S&P was up 6.6% so pretty close to being right on. Will this continue? Of course not. Am I enjoying the sight of crazy returns? Yup!

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Enter to Win a Free $100 Amazon Gift Card

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I’m excited to announce the first of many giveaways at The Income Finder. There’s nothing like a good bribe to get potential readers! A chance to win a free $100 Amazon Gift Card can’t hurt! I know I love the chance to get free dough!

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