5-year financial plan

Your Ultimate Guide for Creating a 5-Year Financial Plan

Planning for the future is vital to your well-being, yet 75% of Americans don’t have any formal plan in place.  Creating a 5-year financial plan is like devising a blueprint for success.   The plan can help you establish and save for an emergency fund as well as set a timeline for paying off debt.  Do you have shorter term goals such as a vacation or home renovations?  The plan can and should incorporate those goals.   Longer term objectives like retirement can never be met if you’re not focusing on them now, which is why they’re included as well.   Below are specific steps for creating your 5-year financial plan and improving your personal finances.   Table of Contents What is a Financial

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Money Saving Challenges

10 Money Saving Challenges to Help You Quickly Save Money

Saving money is hard.  Yet it’s so important to have cash stocked away for emergencies, vacations, school, holidays, and retirement.  A fun and effective way to start saving more and make it a habit is by starting a money saving challenge.   What is a Money Saving Challenge? Simply put, a

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Dirt Cheap Meals - Grilled Cheese

29 Dirt Cheap Meals For Families on a Budget

One of our biggest budget expenditures is on food.  In fact, it’s the third-largest expense for the average household, only preceded by housing and transportation.  Most families spend an average of $681 per month on food, which equates to $8,169 per year.  On average, that’s about 10% of your money

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Money Coach

What in the World Is a Money Coach?

Table of Contents Managing your finances can be tough.  It’s like managing your weight, which sure isn’t easy.  It takes work, persistence, and a level of knowledge.  Even then, it’s an uphill battle that many people fail at.   That’s when you throw in the towel, right?  Nope!  You get a

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what does a red door mean

What Does a Red Door Mean on a Home?

One of the best ways to add value and curb appeal to your home is by adding a colorful door that pops.  Red is a common choice that does the trick.  Take a drive around your neighborhood and you’ll probably be surprised at just how many homes have a red

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All Cash Diet

The All Cash Diet: 3 Easy Steps To Reduce Your Spending

Table of Contents How much did you spend on groceries in the past week?  Or how about at restaurants?  If you can’t answer that question, I’d guess that you typically pay for purchases using a debit or credit card.  Credit cards make spending money on the things we want and

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How to Get Cash From a Visa Gift Card: 10 Tested Options

Table of Contents Wondering about how to get cash from a Visa Gift Card?  Looking to add those funds to your emergency fund instead of splurging on something you don’t need? Well, ponder no more as I’ve found several options to cash in your Visa Gift Cards.  Visa Gift Cards are

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